Submit Your Film

What kind of films are we looking for?

Dark Light Studios was kind enough to share their video; this is a great example. Please, be as creative as you can, we want you to use your imagination!  When you submit your film for the award category, you also get a(1) free one day pass.  Your pass will be waiting for you at the event please let us know if your are attending and what day.

Lyan – “Tôi Chò Doi” (Timelapse Music Video) from Dark Light Studios on Vimeo.


  • Time-Lapse
  • Stop Motion
  • Slow Motion
  • Best Editing/Color
  • Most Original
  • Best Overall
  • Audience Choice

Film Submission Guidelines :

  1. Duration & Credits: Films should be at least 2 minutes long and no longer than 20 minutes, in duration. Credits for the film should occur only at the end and should not last more than 20 seconds.
  2. Fees for Awards Submissions: Films that wish to enter Awards Categories will be charged a fee via PayPal. Due to the time constraints of our Judges, we have implemented the following Fee Schedule:
    • Films submitted before MAY 15th, 2013 : $35
    • “Late” films submitted MAY 16 –August 10, 2013 : $35
    • Films that do not wish to enter Awards Categories will not be charged a fee, but will be eligible for general screening during our festival.  Please follow the Paypal link at bottom of page to pay submission fee. Thank you.
  3. Content: Do not use copyrighted music in your work without written permission from the artist. Films should be of High Definition (HD) Quality, in a format for widescreen viewing.  For more technical guidelines, please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on the Vimeo website at
  4. Pre-Screening and Film Delivery via : Chronos will be using the HD video sharing website for the purpose of pre-screening. If you do not have a Vimeo account, please sign up for Vimeo here. You must then Join the Chronos Film Festival Channel at Add your film on Vimeo to the Chronos Channel. Only then will we be able to see your film in full HD quality!If your film is selected for final screening at the festival, we may ask you to enable the “Download” link in order for us to obtain the highest quality image for our live audience.
  5. Watermarking : Chronos encourages you to protect and maintain the intellectual rights of your property; a small, tasteful watermark in the lower right or lower left corner of your film is allowed. Please do not put watermarks in the center of the screen; nothing animated, nothing crazy. Chronos reserves the right to ask filmmakers to re-submit their films if we feel the watermark will interfere with the enjoyment of our audience.

Please note that these guidelines will be updated and may change slightly. We will keep you notified in the event of any necessary changes to these guidelines.

Submit Film $35.00  Please specify name of film and give link to film in comments.  Thank you.