Keynote Speaker -Philip Bloom

Keynote Speaker -Philip Bloom

Philip BloomFeatured guest and keynote speaker.
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Philip Bloonm is one of the new breed of cinematographers. His recent work includes films for Lucasfilm, Discovery HD, BBC, Channel 4, ITV and many more.

With a website that has over 23 MILLION hits, he is the undisputed leader and voice of the DSLR movement. Today, he continues to create independent short films and openly shares his knowledge and passion for independent film-making by traveling to different cities across Europe and the US with his F-Stop Academy Workshops, a company he founded jointly this year to teach and inspire film makers of every level on how to create the “Film Look.” He has made two training DVDs on the Canon 5dmkII and the Canon 7D for the F-Stop Academy. He is also the director of a small production company called “Some Like it Shot Productions.”

With his short film “Sophia’s People” he has created his Bloomesque signature of urban street filming, where he shoots hand-held raw footage of urbanites and travelers hanging out along busy city streets and popular pubs. “I just take my 5DMKII and go out on the streets,” says Bloom, “and get random shots of the inhabitants and visitors.” Following the success of “Sofia’s People” and armed with a pre-production Canon 7D, Philip shot “Dublin’s People” in which he received world-wide attention for his urban film-making style, including recognition from the shooting crews at Saturday Night Live.

Philip Bloom writes a hugely popular film-making blog that takes up most of his non-shooting hours and where he shares information freely with a global audience of similarly obsessed people and reviews lots of new pieces of kit. Philip claims, “My friends no longer invite me to any social events in fear I will film them and then broadcast it over the internet. However, I am currently receiving counseling so I can walk out of my front door without a camera. So far it isn’t working!” Also, it has been reported he spends far too much time on Twitter @philipbloom.

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