Bruce Logan

What can you say about a man who’s done everything?

Bruce Logan, Chronos Film Festival, Editor, Colorist Because Bruce Logan has done everything! He’s told us amazing stories and accompanied them with equally amazing special effects. He’s given us some of the most memorable film images of the last two decades.

Think of the revelation of the killer ape’s bones on the space ship in 2001: a Space Odyssey.
Or Luke Skywalker blowing up the Death Star in Star Wars.
Or the opening scene from Airplane with the shark-line tail fin gliding through the clouds to the music from Jaws.
Or the miniature Lily Tomlin going down the garbage disposal in The Incredible Shrinking Woman.
Or Hank Williams and his rowdy friends mixing it up on Monday Night Football.
Or the hyped up Johnny Depp setting out on his acid road trip in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
Or film’s first journey into cyberspace with the revolutionary Tron.. We have Bruce Logan to thank for all of these.

He has racked up film credits that are almost too numerous to mention. He won two Emmys as a writer/director and Director of Photography. He directed spots which garnered with two advertising Golden Lions at Cannes Film Festival. He produced enormously popular Super Bowl spots. He has shot feature films, theater projects, television commercials, music videos, and television shows. He produced 80 episodes of Network HDTV. And, he has been a colorist for film and television under his own company: Color by Rainbow. Talk about being a legend in your own time!

The Legend continues!

(taken from The Legend Of El Lobo FB page)

A young Latino comic book artist returns to the barrio where his father was murdered. He draws a ferocious shape-shifting Aztec “superhero,” named El Lobo, for the local kids. In the comic, El Lobo is depicted meting out justice on the neighborhood gangs as a graphic embodiment of the principle: “Crime Doesn’t Pay.”

The artist is shocked to discover his fictitious superhero has become incarnate in the real world. His desire to teach the barrio kids backfires when he sees that his “creation” has become even more violent than the gangbangers.He discovers that he himself “has become” the mythic beast and has been killing the Gangbangers who murdered his father. The savage nature of El Lobo is in fact the manifestation of the rage in his own heart. If he can control his desire for revenge, he will defeat the gangs, and save the kids of the barrio.