INd TV- Thank You so much for the awesome coverage!  You made it rock!

INdTV Episode 4 – Chronos Segment from INd Television on Vimeo.

JOHN KAPELOS- Words cannot express how much we appreciate the talented genius that is John Kapelos.  His professionalism and creativity kept the event running smoothly and was the “glue” that kept everyone at Chronos together.  He is our hero and forever welcome in any capacity.

 AMANDA PLY-Thank you so much, Amanda.  Your talent and beauty bring class and style to any event.  We are honored you performed at our event, and as your fame spreads far and wide we will always appreciate the attention you gave Chronos in its first year.  

STEVE WEISS-  Thank you, Steve.  You were quite possibly the highlight of the event.  Having you send a video roast of Philip Bloom, and then SHOW UP as a surprise!  You are an incredibly generous man.  With your time, and also by giving us one of the most coveted Chronos awards!  The Zacuto Z-Finder EVF.  We are super proud that you not only contributed but you also attended our event.

PHILIP BLOOM- What can we say? Thank you, Philip, having you as our guest of honor was a privilege!  You are brilliant, gorgeous, and having you at any event can mean nothing but good things.  Thank you for being our first guest of honor, and for showing such patience with a first year event learning the ropes.  You are an example of a true super-star in the DSLR community.  Thank you for everything you do to further the education of shooters everywhere.

ERIC KESSLER- Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Your donation of the Kessler Crane gear is still causing an uproar!  Randy Halverson thinks he may have died and gone to heaven…shooter heaven, that is!  We wanted to have the best awards package a film festival has ever had and you helped that happen.  Eric, your generosity with Chronos will never be forgotten, and you are always welcome at our event.  We hope to see you next year, as a Sponsor and attendee.

VERNON’S HIDDEN VALLEY STEAKHOUSE- Mike and Jason provided a kick ass venue for our party honoring Philip Bloom, the first Keynote Speaker for the 1st Chronos Film Festival.  Steve Weiss, co-owner of Zacuto made a surprise appearance and was the favorite guest of the night!

RSPE AUDIO-Russ, thank you for your support and contributions. It is an honor to have you as a sponsor and we look forward to seeing you at Chronos next year. 

THE LIBRARY BAR AND GRILL-Owners Mike and Mark provided lunches and a place for our film-makers to hang out and drink during the two days of screenings and talks.  You guys ROCK!

PLANET MITCH!-Was so glad to finally meet Mitch!  What a cool thing to have going on during the event…bloggers blogging about it in real time.  The only thing that would have made it better? If he had been here for the entire event!  

GREAT FACE AND BODY-The guys  made us goody bags that were unbelievably great!  With a gift certificate for $125.00 facial in each bag!  Thank you so much,  I will forever send everyone to your place!  I will be calling to use my certificate this week….save me a few hours. :)

 KiMo Theatre and Staff- without Kathy and crew this event would have been a whole different kind show.  Kathy took care of us even when we didn’t know enough to know we needed help.  I will be figuring out a way to thank her properly in the next few weeks.

AE PRODUCTIONS-Marsh and crew came through for us like champs!  This company has every piece of A/V equipment you could need.  Marsh is an experienced musician and has the equipment to meet any concert or video needs.  I will never use anyone else!