Chronos Film Festival …it’s about time!

August 24th 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Santa Monica Screening
Suite 102
1526 Fourteenth Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Between Colorado Ave. and Broadway


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Bruce Logan, ASC

Chronos is honored to have Bruce Logan, ASC, as our keynote speaker.

What can you say about a man who’s done everything? Because Bruce Logan has done everything!

Think of the revelation of the killer ape’s bones on the space ship in 2001: a Space Odyssey. Or Luke Skywalker blowing up the Death Star in Star Wars.

He has racked up film credits that are almost too numerous to mention. He won two Emmys as a writer/director and Director of Photography. He directed spots which garnered with two advertising Golden Lions at Cannes Film Festival. He produced enormously popular Super Bowl spots. He has shot feature films, theater projects, television commercials, music videos, and television shows. He produced 80 episodes of Network HDTV. And, he has been a colorist for film and television under his own company: Color by Rainbow. Talk about being a legend in your own time!

Congratulations to Matthew Tibbenham & Sutton McKee for winning Outstanding Achievement in Directing at the Los Angeles Web Festival. And to Bruce Logan, ASC for winning Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography. Way to go guys for taking home awards for The Wrong Guys for the Job!

David Raiklen

David Raiklen is a producer, composer, songwriter, host and crowdfunder best known as producer and composer on the record breaking film series Space Command . David has worked with billionaire Jerry Buss, Elliott Gould, John Landis,and Star Wars designer Iain McCaig. He’s scored hundreds of films, television shows and games, including Heist, I Am Omega, Disney’s Sing Me A Story, BatGirl, X-Files movie, documentaries on Atlantis, and the film Worth – winner of over 30 international prizes and awards. His honors including a 2004 American Music Center Grant, three Telly Awards and the 2009 Park City Festival Audience Choice Award and Gold Medal. David is also host of SciFi Soundtrack, appearing on the Hugo winning Star Ship Sofa series. His current projects include Blood Kiss, with Neil Gaiman and Amber Benson.

Richard Soto

Richard Soto, actor, teacher, artist, and writer, passionate about theatre, film, art and education grew up in Tucson, Arizona. He worked as a stuntman at the famous western theme park and movie studio, Old Tucson, received his degree in Acting/Directing from the University of Arizona, and continued his training at the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego. Some of his Television, film, and stage credits include The West Wing, Firebirds (with Nicolas Cage), Third Degree Burn (with Virginia Madsen, and Treat Williams), Believers, General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, Old Globe Theatre, South Coast Repertory, San Diego Repertory, as well as numerous Web series, and commercials. Richard was a Resident Artist for 16 years at critically acclaimed theatre, A Noise Within, in Pasadena, California, and has a wonderful relationship of over twenty years with the Tony Award-winning theatre, South Coast Repertory, in Costa Mesa, California, performing, stage-managing, and currently teaching acting in SCR’s Theatre Conservatory. Richard is very proud to be a Reading Interventionist in the Compton Unified School District, mentoring, tutoring, and stressing the importance of education to students, inspiring them to reach for their potential. Mr. Soto is currently developing “The Legend of El Lobo”, a comic book feature film franchise as well as several other projects involving theatre, art, film, and education.

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